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Jamie Madrox

Jamie Madrox
External Services:
  • multipleproblem@livejournal.com
  • firecrackerchik
Powers: Can create multiples of self by pressure on body, such as slapping or hitting.

Bio: Jamie manifested early when he was only 12 when he was snowboarding. He literally slammed into a tree and a perfect clone of himself formed. The pain from the hit was spread to two instead of one so it didn't hurt as much. Instantly understanding that his own best friend can help absorb pain, started Jamie on a life of extreme sports and endless things he can get away with, like pranks... Once he realized he had more than one dupe, but hundreds more, his responsibilities became less of a priority. He's known for BASE jumping, sky surfing, and any other suicidal sport he can find. He's not lost a dupe yet, or so he thinks. Jamie is a major troublemaker and clown. He never gets tired of the multiple jokes or pranks.