Early morning...

*No one notices the shadowy figure who tiptoes toward the girls' dorm that early early morning. Nor how it stealthly sneaks into the the bathrooms and the toilets. Not a sound trails outside to the hall as the individual gets to work with pipes and wires, almost as if it'd been done before. And as the figure slipped out the window and onto the roof, no one hears a thing at all....

...Until 6:30 a.m., when all the toilets...suddenly explode.

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I guess this is when I extend a "howdee doo" to all you there. Umm.. I'm Jamie... and I'm a mutant... Now all of you, repeat after me: "Hi Jamie" Yeah, well, thanks... I'll meet you all face to face eventually, and believe me, when I say that you'll see me.

Now I get to go register for classes.